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Touch For Health 1

How to do quality muscle testing to determine physical and energy imbalances in the body. Learn techniques drawn from chiropractic, osteopathy and oriental medicine to balance 14 major muscles, to balance the meridians, improve posture, enhance vitality, and alleviate tension and pain. How to determine food sensitivities.

Touch For Health 2

This module expands the material of Touch For Health 1. It includes circuit locating, goal balancing with a 14 muscle balance, cross crawl for integration, over energy/alarm points, balancing using the wheel, time of day balance, golgi tendon and spindle cell correction procedures, cerebro-spinal technique, neuro-lymphatic release, biogenic foods, gait testing, figure 8’s, ESR for… Continue reading Touch For Health 2

Touch For Health 3

Five Element balance, goal balance with Five Elements, Five Element basic emotions, acupressure holding point theory and usage, colour balance, sound balance, pulses and pain tapping, postural stress release, and 14 additional muscle tests.

Touch For Health 4

Review of Touch for Health 1, 2, & 3; 42 muscle balance head to toe, review Five Elements balance, postural analysis and balancing, inhibited muscles, facilitation/inhibition circuit retaining mode, reactive muscles, Five Element nutrition, sound and colour review, and luo points.

Touch for Health Metaphors

An exploration of balancing posture and energy through creative dialogue. Learn how using muscle response and touch reflexes together with dialogue can balance the body Understand why metaphors are so effective and how they were developed from a study of muscles, organs, posture and Chinese medicine.

Touch For Health Proficiency

Review of TFH Synthesis and putting it all into practice. Practical and written assessment leading to award of IKC Certificate of Proficiency in Touch For Health Kinesiology.

Biokinetic Exercises

Discover the power of easily learned biokinetic exercises to balance hypotonic or hypertonic muscles. Biokinetic exercises to address low back pain and neck and shoulder tension. Biokinetic exercises for 16 indicator muscles used in Touch for Health. Using muscle testing to identity optimal positions and optimum time to use each exercise.

Clinical Methodology

This is a Collection of advanced techniques that have been put together. These techniques have been researched by many Kinesiologists over many years, but however, do not appear in any one course together. Some techniques included are Neuro-Lymphatic, Neuro-Vascular System and Balancing Charts. We look at Skeletal System, Cranial Faults, Inferior Occiput, Temporal-Mandibular Joint (TMJ),… Continue reading Clinical Methodology

Eight Extra Meridians

Discover how to balance all 20 meridians using indicator muscles for the eight extra meridians. Balancing those muscles with emotions, nutritients, biokinetic exercises, neurolymphatic points, neurovascular holding points, meridians, key points and coupled points.  Learn muscle tests related to the hypothalamus, anterior and posterior pituitary, thymus, pineal, parathyroid etc.

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