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Kinesiology for Kids

The aim of this community workshop is to give parents an understanding of kinesiology and the amazing, positive changes it can bring about in their children. It is written simply, and hopefully, in a way that children (and their parents) can easily understand and apply each day. It teaches our children to recognize when they… Continue reading Kinesiology for Kids

Eat Right Live Right

This community workshop  teaches muscle testing and explores the relationship between food and health. If we properly combine our foods, we simply have a greater amount of energy for other things in our life, including better all around health and a joy of life. An added bonus of proper combining is that the body gravitates… Continue reading Eat Right Live Right

Perceptive Vision

Perceptive Vision, a system of simple exercises to change the way we perceive life. So much of what we experience is based on our visual perception of what is happening around us. We are often better able to make decisions when we see evidence pointing to choices and actions necessary in any given situation. Yet… Continue reading Perceptive Vision

Healthy Pets

This community workshop manual has been designed to bring awareness and focus to the wellbeing of our beloved animal companions. This manual, apart from the quintessential muscle testing and surrogacy, contains material, knowledge and application which is known to be paramount in the building and maintenance of health in all higher animals. This includes anatomy… Continue reading Healthy Pets

Touch For Health 1

How to do quality muscle testing to determine physical and energy imbalances in the body. Learn techniques drawn from chiropractic, osteopathy and oriental medicine to balance 14 major muscles, to balance the meridians, improve posture, enhance vitality, and alleviate tension and pain. How to determine food sensitivities.

Success Over Distress

Learn how to use muscle testing as a biofeedback instrument both to determine when something is stressful to the mind/body and later to verify that the stress has been defused. The techniques we’ll cover are relatively simple to learn and apply, yet can help bring about really significant changes for yourself, family, friends, and clients… Continue reading Success Over Distress

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