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Touch for Health Metaphors

An exploration of balancing posture and energy through creative dialogue. Learn how using muscle response and touch reflexes together with dialogue can balance the body Understand why metaphors are so effective and how they were developed from a study of muscles, organs, posture and Chinese medicine.

Success Over Distress

Learn how to use muscle testing as a biofeedback instrument both to determine when something is stressful to the mind/body and later to verify that the stress has been defused. The techniques we’ll cover are relatively simple to learn and apply, yet can help bring about really significant changes for yourself, family, friends, and clients… Continue reading Success Over Distress

Defusing Stuck Emotions

While emotions such as fear, grief, and anger are appropriate, sometimes they become stuck, giving rise to conditions such as phobias, anxiety, depression and hostility. We begin by looking at the Callahan model and how it addresses phobias, anxiety and addictions. We show how it relates to the Law of Five Elements, then expand the… Continue reading Defusing Stuck Emotions

Energy Centres

What are energy centres? Investigate their symptomology. Learn how to identify and balance energy centres with emotions, acupressure points, foot reflexes, head massage, and auricular reflexes.

Working with Emotions

Learn to circuit localise, prioritise and balance with emotions Biokinesiology organ reflexes that relate to the 20 major meridians. Use the 14 indicator muscles from Touch for Health 1  using gamma-1 and gamma-2 muscle testing to assess the body and balance with emotions. Learn how to use emotions to eliminate pain.

Personality Traits

Find out seven major ways that people acquire limiting beliefs (or “personality traits”). Learn how certain of these beliefs can make you more susceptible to migraines, learning difficulties, cancer, alcoholism, and rheumatoid arthritis. How to determine what your limiting beliefs are and how to dismantle them.

Overcoming Adversity

The single most important factor determining whether you get sick or stay healthy is your personality. We’ll look at traits of stress hardiness, resiliency, the immune-competent personality, etc., to find ways to strengthen your ability to handle stress and improve your health. Lots of opportunity for personal growth!

Colour Matters

Discover the power of colour and how it affects us daily. Learn how the colour spectrum vibrates in wavelengths and frequencies.  How we are affected by the clothes we wear and the rooms we live in.  Find out about the body’s seven major chakras and how we can balance them using colour, food, gems, flower… Continue reading Colour Matters

Transforming DNA Memories

Learn to stop the habit of anger, judgement and self dislike. Understand the emotions that activate illness, play a role in crippling, destroying or hindering the joy of your relationships. Trauma recover – resolve nightmares and negative triggers. Stop repeating debilitating behavior. Be better in wellness, relationships, careers and business.

Return to Love

Instead of spending a lifetime making slow and steady progress on your self development path, take a far-reaching leap into a completely different experience of being your true authentic self. Sylvia presents a step by step process that enables you to clearly see your inner sanctum purpose and evolve this into present reality. RETURN TO… Continue reading Return to Love

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