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Ger Casey

Ger Casey

Ger Casey B.Sc. MKAI, MPRKCI is Founder and Principal Tutor, being one of Europe's foremost Kinesiology teachers and practitioners.

Ger is a practicing Kinesiologist since 1992, having trained extensively with many of the world's top Kinesiologists, in Ireland and abroad.

She is a registered Touch for Health Instructor with the International Kinesiology College, Australia since 1995, a Wellness Kinesiology Instructor with Topping International Institute since 1996; Ger teaches many of the courses from the Wellness Kinesiology programme and is a Certified Polarity Reflex Analysis Nutritional Assessment (P.R.A.N.A.) Instructor with Gateways College of Natural Therapeutics, California since 1998.

In March 2003 Ger was appointed as the International Kinesiology Faculty member to represent Ireland. Her responsibilities include training and support of Touch for Health Instructors in Ireland, and development of Touch for Health as a recognised health discipline.

In 2005 Ger was invited by Dr. Wayne Topping to become a faculty member of Topping International Institute representing Wellness Kinesiology and was both honored and delighted to accept the post.

In 2008 the faculty of the International Kinesiology College, elected Ger as the Touch for Health School Dean, a post which she held until March 2011. She was also elected as the Dean of the Personal Development School of the International Kinesiology College, a post which she still holds today. She is very proud and honored to have been elected to such posts by her international colleagues.

Ger holds a Batchelor of Science in Health Studies, and feels that she can look at the body from both a medical scientific and holistic view point.

Wayne W. Topping PhD LMT

>Wayne W. Topping

Wayne W. Topping PhD LMT, the world-renowned expert and founder of Wellness Kinesiology, has taught workshops in over 22 countries. He is a specialised kinesiologist of international reputation, an instructor of Wellness Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym®), Touch for Health, Self Help for Stress and Pain, and other holistic programs. He has trained Wellness Kinesiology instructors who are currently teaching in 18 countries world wide, including Ireland.

Dr. Topping is a much sought after, knowledgeable and fascinating speaker who regularly presents at seminars, workshops, and kinesiology conferences throughout the world.

Wayne has a doctorate in geology from Victoria University in New Zealand. He was a geology professor with experience working on archaeology in the Middle East, active volcanoes in New Zealand, and glacial deposits in the Antarctic before he traded geology for an area he found even more fascinating - holistic health.

While teaching geology in Southern California in 1976, Dr. Topping was introduced to Touch for Health. He expanded this interest in health by taking course work in anatomy & physiology, nutrition, Swedish massage and other holistic courses. By 1980 Wayne was ready to begin a new career in holistic health. He trained at the Biokinesiology Institute in Talent, Oregon and became a certified Biokinesiology Instructor. He became a certified Massage Therapist in Washington State as well as an instructor in Touch for Health and Educational Kinesiology. He incorporated Topping International Institute, Inc. in 1984 and later founded Wellness Kinesiology. Wayne has written over 10 books to date, which are published in many languages.

In 2010 he married his lovely wife Diane, and moved to the United Kingdom where he teaches and practices. He still teaches in many countries around the world on a regular basis.