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Transforming DNA Memories

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Learn to stop the habit of anger, judgement and self dislike. Understand the emotions that activate illness, play a role in crippling, destroying or hindering the joy of your relationships. 

Trauma recover - resolve nightmares and negative triggers. 
Stop repeating debilitating behaviour. 
Be better in wellness, relationships, careers and business. 

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Not all behaviours are learnt, many are genetic ancestral behaviours that can be changed.  Your DNA is not your destiny.  You can change your gene expression by activating your constructive intelligences your entelechy to a greater future. 

Transforming DNA Memories gives you the skills to understand your self  more deeply, make better choices, be inspired and confident to embrace challenges in a positive way. 

This workshop is open to all who seek wellness, wholeness and a deeper understanding of their own life.  If you are ready to commit to yourself to transform every part of your life, register now. 

Qualified health practitioners, learn these multi dimensional wisdoms. At the end of this 4 day workshop you will be well practiced to offer this methodology to your clients.  TFH 1 an advantage.