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Touch For Health Kinesiology

Unlocking Natural Health and Vitality Through Kinesiology

What is Touch For Health?

Touch For Health Kinesiology is a system of natural health care which combines muscle monitoring with the principles of Chinese medicine to assess energy and body function. It applies a range of gentle yet effective techniques to enhance health, well-being and vitality.

History and Global Impact: It’s been taught Since 1973, Touch For Health has been taught in over 100 countries and has positively affected millions of people worldwide. In 1990, Dr. John Thie, D.C., the founder of TFH made the International Kinesiology College (IKC) the custodian for the Touch For Health Synthesis and its faculty the administrators for its teaching internationally.

Balancing with Meridians: Using muscle monitoring, Touch For Health Kinesiology addresses the structural, nutritional and emotional stresses common in our everyday life to create balance within the meridian system of the body.

The Touch For Health Synthesis Programme

The Touch For Health Synthesis is an amazing modality, which has already reached millions of people worldwide and is the forefront of complementary holistic therapy. Anyone can learn Touch For Health. The basic course is usually taught in four modules of 15 hours each. These fun exciting and specialised group of workshop seminars are presented by our professionally trained and registered Touch For Health Instructors.

Included in these programmes you will learn about the different energy systems that are in our bodies and specific muscles that are related to them. These systems help us to maintain balance and harmony within the body.

There are no pre-requisites to learning Touch For Health or for existing healthcare practitioners to use in conjunction with their own therapies.

Program Structure

name hours Description
module 1
Introduction to Kinesiology

This is the introductory training to Kinesiology, providing techniques to balance the 14 muscle/meridian/ organ relationships - for improved postural balance, and improved health and performance. This course provides practical everyday applications of Touch For Health Kinesiology for increased well-being on all levels.

module 2
The Wisdom of Elements

Delves more deeply into balancing our systems’ energetic relationships, using the Chinese circadian rhythm of the wheel and the ancient Chinese Law of the 5 Elements.

module 3
Advanced Muscle Work

This stage focuses on working with the Touch For Health 42 muscles for complete 5 Element integration and Reactive Muscle Resets for enhanced performance and movement.

module 4
Holistic Health Care

Completes the programme with additional postural & energetic balancing techniques, bringing all aspects together as a total holistic health care modality plus an internationally recognised IKC certificate is awarded on completion of the synthesis.

On completion of modules 1-4, an internationally recognised IKC certificate of attendance is awarded.

Advanced Courses

Elevate your expertise through advanced Touch For Health courses:

  • Touch For Health Proficiency

    15 hours

    Review of TFH Synthesis and putting it all into practise. Practical and written assessment leading to award of IKC Certificate of Proficiency in Touch For Health Kinesiology.

  • Touch For Health Instructor Training Workshop

    8 hours

    This specialised professional training workshop qualifies the TFH graduate to become a registered TFH Instructor and to teach the TFH Synthesis modules 1-4. To qualify for entry into the ITW you need to complete TFH Proficiency.

    The ITW is an 8-day training intensive, including revision and “How to Teach” techniques specific to Kinesiology. The ITW is taught by appointed International Kinesiology College (IKC) faculty members. The qualification is recognised all over the world. Requirements to maintain registration include an update every three years.

  • Touch For Health Metaphor

    15 hours

    Deepen your balance sessions by offering the metaphor phrase for the muscle/meridian/element that is out of balance. Helps bring awareness to areas of life which may need changing.

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